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- Kevin McDonough.

The USPS has many regulations regarding design and format. These templates are great visual aids that can help head off mistakes and keep costs controlled. All template requests are currently free. Please send an email with your mailing information and template request to kevin@mailitplus.com, and the templates will be mailed at our earliest convenience. If you require more urgent information, contact us and we’ll help with design and dimensional consultations.

Publication 95
Helps design your letter-size mail pieces for improved service and for postage savings. Printers, graphic artists, forms designers, envelope manufacturers, and computer programmers can use it to verify technical specification.

Notice 3-A: Letter-size Dimensional Template
Used to determine whether a mail piece meets the size, shape, aspect ratio, and thickness requirements for automated processing.

Notice 67
Automation Template is used to obtain more information on automation readability parameters. This clear plastic template simplifies the task of determining whether your mail is automation-compatible.

Notice 3-S:
Available through your local USPS. Contact the BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) for information. contact us for a design or dimensional consultation.